Brief profile:

After taking PhD in Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry from IARI in 2015, I am working in CIBA since 2016 .I currently work in division of Aquatic Animal Health and Environmental Division, Environmental Science Department in CIBA. I have interests in low saline aquaculture, carbon and nitrogen fractions in soil and soil and water quality.

About Me

Suvana Sukumaran Ms.

Designation: Scientist
Division: Aquatic Animal Health and Environment Division
Specialization: Soil Quality, Carbon Saturation, Carbon Stability

Contact Me

Phone: +91- 044 - 24618817
Fax: +91- 044 - 24610311
Email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  1. Suvana, S., Purakayastha, T.J., Datta, S.C., Thulasi, V., Rout, V. and Muneswar Singh., 2016. Impact of Long-Term Manuring and Fertilization on Silt and Clay Protected Carbon in two Alfisols with Varying Texture. Clay Res. 35, 25-32.

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