Brief profile:

After taking masters in Freshwater Aquaculture (Fish Pathology and Microbiology) in [2000] and PhD in Inland Aquaculture in [2004] I am working in CIBA. Since 1.7 [year] on 15.05.2014, I currently work in division of Fish Culture Division in CIBA. I have worked on Breeding and Seed Production of Brackishwater Commercial Fishes and also Ornamental Fishes, I have contributed to induced breeding and seed production of Crescent Perch, Terapon jarbua and Orange Chromide, Etroplus maculatus with hormonal induction under captivity. I have interests in Breeding of other Brackishwater Ornamental Fishes.

Research areas:

  • Breeding and Seed Production of Brackishwater Commercial Fishes.
  • Breeding and Seed Production of Brackishwater Ornamental Fishes.
  • Induced Breeding and Seed Production of endemic /endangered brackishwater fishes.

Current Research Projects:

Funded By
1 Development and refinement of finfish aquaculture technologies for sustainable brackishwater aquaculture development Institute
2Evaluation of reproductive biology, breeding, larval biology and seed production of candidate finfish species for brackishwater aquaculture development Institute
3Biotechnological interventions and application of bioinformatic tools for improvement of brackishwater fish and shellfish Institute

About Me

Satyanarayan Sethi, Dr

Designation: Senior Scientist
Discipline: Aquaculture
Division: Finfish Culture Division
Specialization: Fish and Fisheries Science

Contact Me

Phone: +91- 044 - 24618817 Ext:407
Fax: +91- 044 - 24610311
Email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • Awarded Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) of ICAR for continuing Master Degree in fisheries Science (M.F.Sc) awarded Hiralal Choudhary Gold medalist during M.F.Sc. Programs during 1998-2000.
  • Awarded Young Scientist in the field of Fish & Fishery Science in National Symposium on Prospects, Utility and Challenges of Biotechnology in Agricultural Development scheduled during November 11-12, 2011 from Society of Biological Sciences & Rural Development 10/96, Gola Bazar, New Jhunsi, Allahabbad-211019, Uttar Pradesh, India.

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  1. S.N.SETHI, MOHADEV RAM KOKANE, SUBHENDU KUMAR OTTA, AND GUNESWAR SETHI 2015. First record of Ragged Sea Hare, Bursatella leachii Blainville, 1817 Opisthobranchia:Euopisthobranchia: Aplysiidae) in Pulicat lake, East Coast of India. Marine Biodiversity Records, Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom,Vol.8;e-34, Page:1-3, 2015.
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  3. Shoba Joe Kizhakudan, S.Raja, K.S.Gupta, E. Vivekanandan, Joe K. Kizhakudan, S.N. Sethi, and R.Geetha Correlation between changes in sea surface temperature and fish catch along Tamil Nadu coast of India-an indication of impact of climate change on fisheries. Indian J. Fish., 61(3): 111-115, 2014

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