Sanjoy Das Dr.


Sanjoy Das Dr.
Designation : Principal Scientist
Discipline : Fish Health
Division : Aquatic Animal Health & Environment
Specialization : Veterinary Microbiology
Research areas:
  • Surveillance of diseases in brackishwater aquaculture systems of West Bengal and Odisha
  • Molecular characterization and detection of brackishwater finfish and shrimp pathogens
  • Study of shrimp culture in biofloc based system with special reference to disease resistance
Brief profile:

After taking both Masters (2001) and PhD (2007) in Veterinary Bacteriology, I am working at CIBA since November, 2013 on disease surveillance at brackishwater aquaculture systems and molecular detection and characterization of pathogens. I currently work in the division of Aquatic Animal Health and Environment. I conducted disease surveillance study in three districts of West Bengal and one district of Odisha. My study reiterated the fact that Early Mortality Syndrome (EMS) is not present in West Bengal and Odisha. Before joining CIBA, I worked on Seafood Microbiology in CIFT with special reference toListeria monocytogenes and Bacillus cereus. I have interests in Bioinformatics study fish and shrimp pathogens

Current Research Projects (3 important ones):
NoTitle Funded By
1 National surveillance programme for aquatic animal diseasesNFDB
2Aquatic animal diseases and intervention tools for their managementInstitute
3 Sustainable brackishwater aquaculture production of shrimp and fishes through innovative and integrated approachInstitute

Recognitions (National & international level) :

  • Bagged award for poster presentation at National conference on Official languages held at CIFT during 17-18 August, 2012
  • Selected for International training on Bioinformatics by NAIP in 2011
  • Recognized as a member of Assessment panel of Experts (APE) / Inter-departmental panel (IDP) for approval of seafood exporting farms for European Union (EU) and their technologists.
  • Recognized as reviewer of different peer-reviewed journals
Best 5 Publications during the career:
  1. Das, S., Lalitha, K.V., Ginson, J. , Kamalakanth, C.K. and Bindu, J. (2015). High pressure destruction kinetics along with combined effect of potassium sorbate and high pressure against Listeria monocytogenes in Indian white prawn muscle.