Kannappan. S. Dr


Kannappan, S. Dr
Designation : Principal Scientist
Discipline : Fish Processing Technology
Division : Crustecean Culture Division
Specialization : Fish Processing Technology
Research areas:
  • Shrimp culture
  • Aquatic microbiology
  • Development of marine therapeutic agents
Brief profile:

After taking masters in Fisheries Science area specialized in Fish processing Technology, 1993 [year] and PhD in Fisheries Microbiology in 2002 (On deputation) I am working in CIBA since 1996 [year] on. I currently work in division of CCD in CIBA. I have worked on the Development of bio-therapeutic agents from marine resources and enhancement of livelihood of coastal fisher folk through aquaculture technologies, I have contributed to . I have interests in Seed production and grow-out practices of native Indian Brackishwater shrimps.

Current Research Projects (3 important ones):
NoTitle Funded By
1 Development of inhibitors for controlling quorum sensing marine V.harveyiduring shrimp larvicultureDBT
2Upgradation of breeding and culture technology of Indian White Shrimp Fenneropenaeus Indicus through stock evaluation and culture demonstrationsInstitute

Recognitions (National & international level) :

  • Won ICAR Out-standing Interdisciplinary Team Research in Agriculture and Allied Sciences for the year 2011-2012 on “Diversification of Livelihoods among women SHGs through Aquaculture technologies in Tiruvallur and Kancheepuram Districts of Tamilnadu”
Best 5 Publications during the career:
  1. Gopal Krishna, Gopalapillay Gopikrishna, Chavali Gopal, Shrinivas Jahageerdar, Pitchaiyappan Ravichandran, Sudalyandi Kannappan, Subramaniapillai M. Pillai, Sivagnanam Paulpandi, Remanibhaskaran P. Kirana, Ramamoorthy Saraswati, Gundaboena Venugopal, Dilip Kumar , Thomas Gitterle, Carlos Lozano, Morten Rye, Ben Hayes (2011). Genetic parameters for growth and survival in Penaeus monodon cultured in India. Aquaculture, Vol. 318 (1–2), 74-78.
  2. Kannappan, S., Manja, K.S (2011). Efficacy of lactic acid bacteria in the reduction of trimethylamine-nitrogen and related spoilage derivatives of fresh Indian mackerel fish chunks. African Journal of Biotechnology. 10 (1) 42 – 47.
  3. Jithendran, K. P. Shekhar, M.S., Kannappan S and Azad, I.S (2011). Nodavirus Infection in Freshwater Ornamental Fishes in India: Diagnostic Histopathology and Nested RT-PCR. Asian Fisheries Science 24:12-19.
  4. Moorthy G, Sastry TP, Murugan G D, Kannappan S, Suguna L (2012). Sun light mediated synthesis of gold nanoparticles as carrier for 6-mercaptopurine: Preparation, characterization and toxicity studies in zebrafish embryo model. Material Research Bulletin. 47 (9) 2113- 2119.
  5. Sivakumar K, Kannappan S (2013). Inhibitory effect of marine algae collected from the East and West coast of India against luciferase and luminescence producing Vibrio harveyi. Afri. J. Biotechnol. 12 (22) 3493- 3502
Best 3 Publications during last 3 years:
  1. Kannappan S, Sivakumar K and Patil PK (2013). Effect of garlic extract on the luciferase, bio-luminescence, virulence factors produced by Vibrio harveyi with a challenge during Penaeus monodon larviculture. Afr. J. Microbiol Res. 7 (18) 1766 -1779.
  2. Kannappan S, Sivakumar K, Patil PK (2013). Extraction and detection of N-acyl homoserine lactones from shrimp pathogen Vibrio harveyi and antagonistic effect of terrestrial plants against its growth. Afri J. Microbiol Res. 7 (26) 3275- 3284.
  3. Sivakumar K, Kannappan S , Dinesh kumar M, Patil PK (2014) Antagonism of marine macro alga Kappaphycus alvarezii extract against luminescence disease causing Vibrio harveyi during Penaeus monodon larviculture. Afri. J. Microbiol. Research. 8 (6) 458- 469.
  4. Sivakumar K, Kannappan S, Dineshkumar M & Patil PK (2014). Evaluation of marine macro alga, Ulva fasciata against bio-luminescent causing Vibrio harveyi during Penaeus monodon larviculture. Afri J. Microbiol Res. 8 (8) 803 – 813.
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Fax : +91- 044 - 24610311
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