“Waste to Wealth”: Recycling of fish and domestic waste at Srinivasapuram, Adyar creek and estuary under Swachhata Hi Seva 2018 on 28th September 2018

ICAR-CIBA has conducted “Waste to Wealth” programme by recycling of fish and domestic waste under Swachhata Hi Seva 2018 on 28th September, 2018 at Srinivasapuram, Mullikuppam, Mullimanagar fishermen villages cluster located near CIBA headquarters in Chennai. These three villages are located on the creek, where Adyar River finally discharges water inflow into the Bay of Bengal. The villagers were also affected by garbage pileup around the locality and fish market area. In this backdrop, Dr. Debasis De, Principal Scientist, ICAR-CIBA, has demonstrated the protocol for recycling of fish waste to value added products. He explained the usage of this value added products in commercial aquaculture and agriculture and its marketing potential. The recycling will not only help in cleaning and hygienic disposal of fish market waste which is abundantly available in the village cluster but will also help to produce wealth from waste.

Dr. P.Mahalakshmi, Principal Scientist, ICAR-CIBA, Chennai briefed the assembly about the work of ICAR-CIBA and highlighted the importance of cleanliness in the villages and recycling of fish and domestic waste to avoid infections and diseases. She also sensitizes the participants about the importance of Adyar creek water bodies and its maintenance.

In addition to fish waste, CIBA has demonstrated along with Namma Boomi, NGO, Chennai, on composting of domestic waste in three simple steps, which is cut-cook-compost method. Mrs. Arul Priya, from Namma Boomi, explained the procedural steps to be followed for composting of domestic waste into manure for kitchen gardens/plants.

Oosaikal Self Help Group members have shown their interest to setup recycling of fish and domestic waste units in Srinivasapuram. ICAR-CIBA has distributed the required inputs for recycling of fish and domestic waste to Oosaikal Self Help Group members for initiating the recycling of fish and domestic waste units. The meeting was attended by about 70 villagers along with their panchayat leaders and office bearers, Women Self Help Group, two members from Namma Boomi and scientists from ICAR-CIBA, Chennai. Dr.P.Mahalakshmi, Nodal Scientist, Swachh Bharat Mission with other scientists Dr. T. Ravisankar, Dr. Debasis De, Dr. K.P. Sandeep, Dr. R. Saraswathy and Dr. R.Geetha coordinated the event.

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