First Shrimp feed mill in Northern India, under public private partnership mode (PPP) between ICAR-CIBA, Chennai and Dr Attar Aqua Feed, Bhiwani, Haryana, started operation

ICAR-CIBA has developed a cost effective and quality feed shrimp feed using indigenous feed ingredients for vannamei farming, and the feed is promoted as the ‘Vanami Plus’. The technology is being transferred to series of private entrepreneurs for up scaling and commercial production on a non-exclusive basis. Adding to the list, Dr Attar Aqua feed commisioned a new feed mill at Bhiwani, Haryana by adopting VanamiPlus feed technology of CIBA, through an MOU. It is a first of its kind in Northern India, which will be a great advantage for shrimp farmers in inland saline regions of Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan, where the feed is brought from the southern states. The feed mill has been jointly inaugurated on 15th May 2018 by Dr K.K. Vijayan, Director CIBA and Dr Pravin Puthra Asst Director General of ICAR. With the indigenous feed technology from CIBA, with an installed production capacity of 750 kg/h, this mill can produce 8-10 ton of feed per da, and the production started by Dr. Attar Aqua feed, at Dohki village, Charkhi Dadri district, Haryana on the day of inauguration. At the opening of the feed mill, a farmers meeting was organised with the farmers from Haryana, Punjab and Rajasthamn. Dr K.K. Vijayan, talking on the occasion, explained this model as 'Factory to Farm', where the farmer can take the fresh feed directly from the feed mill to their farm, bypassing the agents, also savings on dealer margin. He assured that this would increase the profit margin of farmers by 20%. Dr Pravin, ADG highlighted the role played by the CIBA in the technology backstopping to the aqua farmers. He appreciated the efforts of CIBA in developing such cost effective technologies and stressed about the significance of this technology in reducing the cost of production of shrimp in northern part of India , and would be a boon to small and medium farmers in the country. Mr. Vinod Poonia, shrimp farmer and managing Partner of Dr. Attar Aqua Feed, welcoming the farmers briefed about the background about the joint initiative of establihing the first shrimp feed mill in northern part of India. Further he emphasized the challenges faced in establishing the shrimp feed mill and he thanked CIBA team for their guidance and help in establishing the feed mill in a record time and quality shrimp feed production. Dr. K. Ambasankar Principal Scientist and team leader for the nutrition and Feed development program of CIBA briefed about the significance of this MoU and highlighted the genesis of this initiative and opined that the success of this model would pave the way for many youngsters to enter in agribusiness. Mr. Jose Antony, Scientist CIBA gave an overview about the shrimp farming in inland saline area and the BMPs to be followed for sustainable shrimp aquaculture, in the inland saline region. Mr Anil poonia from Dr.Attar aqua feed expressed vote of thanks. This was followed by interaction session where in farmers interacted with the scientific team from CIBA, and clarified their queries. At the end of the interaction meet, a field visit to the feed mill and shrimp farm has been arranged. About 150Farmrs from Haryana, Punjab and Rajasthan participated in the programme. This agri-business initiative would set an example for more youth to come under the Attracting and Retaining Youth in Agriculture (ARYA) programme in the future

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