National Workshop on ‘Strategic Approach In Fisheries Sector on the Potential and Viability of Culturing Endemic and Exotic Species in India’ at ICAR-CIBA, Chennai

ICAR- CIBA organized a one day workshop on “Studying the potential and viability of culturing endemic and exotic species for aquaculture” on 29th December 2017 under the scheme “Strengthening of Database and Information Networking” programme of Department of Animal Husbandry, Dairying & Fisheries, Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers welfare, Government of India. Dr. B. Meenakumari, Chairperson, National Biodiversity Authority inaugurated the workshop and emphasised the importance of cataloguing of exotic fish species in India and stressed the co-ordination of national bodies like ICAR institutes, National biodiversity and State Fisheries departments to create region wise quarantine facilities in order to address the biosecurity concerns in Indian context, with reference to the exotic species and pathogens. In the Presidential Address, Dr. K.K. Vijayan, Director, ICAR-CIBA emphasized the importance of identifying the endemic fish species with economic importance, and put a mechanism in place to analyse positive and negative aspects of exotic species already introduced in India. He also stressed to create awareness among aquaculture farmers on the management of these species, through cataloguing and familiarisation.

In technical discussions, Dr. J.K. Sundaray, Director, ICAR-CIFA presented broader overview on the global and national scenario of introduction of exotic species and stressed on the package of practices for native species to the farmers, in order to reduce the introduction of exotic species. Dr. Shubhadeep Ghosh, Senior scientist CMFRI, Dr. T.T. Ajith Kumar, Senior Scientist, NBFGR and Ms. M.C. Ramany, Project manager RGCA-MPEDA also made presentations. The workshop proposed to work on strategic approach for assessing the potential and viability of culturing endemic and exotic species of fishes in India through convergence approach.

Earlier Dr. M. Kailasam, Principal scientist & Head-In-Charge, Finfish Culture Division CIBA Chennai, briefed on the background of the workshop, and. Dr M.Makesh Principal Scientist, CIBA welcomed the gathering and the meeting concluded with a vote of thanks by Shri. Tanveer Hussain, Scientist CIBA.

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