Punjab youth trained under ‘ARYA’ programme turned into entrepreneurs, signed MOU with ICAR-CIBA for shrimp farming in inland saline areas of Bhatinda, Punjab

A memorandum of understanding (MoU) was signed between ICAR-CIBA and M/s Blancas Aqua, Gurthari road, Sangat Kalan, Bathinda, Punjab-151401 on 3rd June 2017. This MoU, related to inland saline shrimp farming is first of its kind on shrimp farming in inland saline areas of state of Punjab. Inland saline shrimp farming is a new emerging shrimp farming sector in the country. In this farming practice the inland saline soils or groundwater, which is otherwise unsuitable for agriculture and other allied activities are utilized for shrimp farming. Around 6.7 million hectares of salt affected soils and 1.9 lakh of saline ground water area identified as saline inflicted, is reported in the country provides ample scope for brackishwater aquaculture development. These areas are present in states like Haryana, Punjab, parts of Rajasthan and Western Uttar Pradesh. M/s Blancas Aqua was represented by Mr. Manish Goyal and Mr. Vineet Verma from Bathinda, Punjab. They were incubates of the training on “Innovative and evolving brackishwater crustacean aquaculture” conducted by Crustacean Culture Division of CIBA during 15-27th February 2017. The technical knowhow and motivation acquired from the training resulted in this startup venture with technical support from CIBA.
During the signing of MOU, Dr. K. K. Vijayan, Director, CIBA stressed on the need for development of the inland saline sector for brackishwater aquaculture development, as otherwise this is an unutilized land. He also sensitized the beginners about the scope of inland saline shrimp farming and the responsible way of doing it. He emphasized that, by signing the MoU knowledge sharing platform is made available for the potential stakeholders in brackishwater aquaculture. He along with CIBA scientists wished all the success to the startup and assured that the required technical support and expertise will be given for the successful farming session.
Dr. P. K. Patil, Senior Scientist welcomed the guests and introduced the dignitaries to the audience. Dr. T. Ravisankar, Principal Scientist and In-Charge, Institute Technology Management-Agricultural Business Incubator Unit proposed the vote of thanks and assured all possible help to client in the venture.

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