Memorandum of Understanding between ICAR-CIBA and IIT Madras for collaborative research programmes

A memorandum of understanding (MoU) was signed between ICAR- CIBA Chennai and IIT Madras for collaborative research on 3rd February 2016 at the Centre for Industrial Consultancy and Sponsored Research (IC&SR), IIT Madras. The MoU was signed by the Director of ICAR-CIBA, Dr. K.K.Vijayan and Dean (IC&SR) of IIT, Prof. Krishnan Balasubramanian. Both the organizations entered into the present agreement for the purpose of pursuing and to collaborate on Biotechnology related projects in the area of brackish water and marine resources to derive mutual benefits. Collaborative research between the two organizations would help in generating novel research output with potential commercial utilization and sharing of the intellectual property from the joint research efforts. Some of the major focus areas would be the identification of active principles for treatment and management of cancer and cardiovascular diseases from brackishwater and marine sources. Research towards bio-prospecting of micro-organisms from these sources and process optimization for the same is also planned under these activities. Dr. M.S.Shekhar, Principal Scientist, ICAR-CIBA and Dr. Madhulika Dixit, Associate Professor, IIT Madras coordinated the MoU meeting. Dr. C. Gopal, Head, Crustacean Culture Division, Dr. G. Gopikrishna, Head Nutrition, Genetics and Biotechnology Division, Dr. Ambasankar, Scientist-In-charge, Nutrition Section and Dr. K.P.Sandeep, Scientist, Nutrition Section from ICAR-CIBA were present during the occasion. From IIT, Madras Prof. D. Karunagaran, Head, Department of Biotechnology along with Dr. Smita Srivastava, Assistant Professor, Department of Biotechnology and Dr. Nandita Madhavan, Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry were present. The MoU meeting was arranged by Dr. P.K.Patil, Business Planning and Development (BPD) unit of ICAR-CIBA and Mr. R. Sundaram, Chief Techno Economic Officer of IIT, Madras.

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