Launch of New Logo of CIBA, 20-06-2015

Considering the important role of CIBA, as an R&D institution under ICAR, Government of India, in the development of brackishwater aquaculture in the country, and the increasing role played by CIBA, with its new initiatives in the area of public-private-partnership, for better visibility and identity and new logo has been conceived and designed.  Muthukaruppan, President, Society for the Aquaculture Professionals, released the new logo, and congratulated CIBA for its new brand building efforts, which is essential for the visibility of the institute.  He also expressed his happiness, in the initiatives of CIBA, in bringing the Brackishwater aquaculture industry closer with the institute activities, and promised the full support of the industry in this direction.

Towards a Better Identity


The logo of an institution serves as a window to its identity and purpose

Unveiling of logo by Mr. S.Muthukaruppan, President, SAP

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