Procedures for transfer of technologies and commercialization

The technologies developed by CIBA will be transferred for commercialization. The purpose of posting the information on the web is ensure wider reach to interested clients. Those who offer the highest economic returns and have the capacity to commercialize will be given the technology. Depending on the nature and scope of the technology and need for the reach of the technology to the end users the technologies are given to the clients on exclusive or non-exclusive basis. Exclusive basis means licensing/authorizing the technology to one single client to produce/manufacture the products and market. Non- exclusive basis means licensing/authorizing the technology to more than one client on a regional basis for producing and marketing the same product. 

ICAR institutes also have the mechanism of public-private partnership for doing joint research, development of products and scaling-up and testing of technologies and products. The intellectual property developed through such joint public-private partnership will be shared between the partners governed by the ICAR guidelines in this regard ( Before starting such joint venture programs a clear understanding between the partners should be reached through discussions and signing a memorandum of understanding (MOU). 

CIBA would join hands with the private partner for joint field validation or scaling up of the technology on agreed terms. It is also possible that this can be carried out through DBT’s scheme ‘Small Business Innovation Research Initiative (SBIRI)’ (details of scheme  available on DBT website or

For transfer of technologies and also for joint partnership programs the clients have to approach the Director of the institute and express their interest in writing and also provide information on the their present activities, experience in the field, products produced and marketed by them and capacity and turnover of their existing enterprise. This will help and guide the institute in evaluating and taking appropriate decisions with regard to transferring the technologies or entering into joint venture programs with clients.

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