Greenwater technology for coastal aquaculture

Green water culture system is an innovative technique, wherein, integrated culture of economically important herbivorous fishes in reservoirs or in net cages / pens in shrimp culture ponds, act as bioremediator or biomanipulators. The green water thus produced by finfish culture helps condition the water by chemical and microbial decontamination in the system. A major opportunity exists to exploit the natural feeding behaviour of finfish, to improve on the nutrient removal. These euryhaline fishes have broad diet spectrum and tolerance to poor water quality, which makes them ideal candidate species for zero-water exchange system. CIBA has successfully demonstrated India’s first greenwater technology in three different shrimp ponds at Nagapattinam, Tamil Nadu. This work is being carried out under ongoing DBT sponsored project entitled “Development and evaluation of greenwater technology in coastal aquaculture”. Farmers have not applied any microbial products / probiotics in the trial ponds, because of probiotic and bioaugmenting effect of green slime produced by the finfish. Integration of green water technology would allow meaningful interpretations regarding the bioremediation in zero-water exchange and water recirculatory systems of coastal aquaculture. There is potential usefulness of finfish as a means of permanently removing waste nutrients and improving water quality. This technology is available for adoption by the aqua-farmers.

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