Immunodot technology for detection of WSSV

‘CIBA immunodot’ is a diagnostic kit developed by CIBA for early detection of white spot syndrome virus (WSSV) in shrimps by sensitive and accurate molecular diagnosis technique.CIBA immunodot assay is based on the antigen-antibody reaction between recombinant protein of WSSV VP28 gene against which polyclonal anti rVP28 antiserum has been raised. The specific immunoreactivity of CIBA immunodot has been confirmed by molecular techniques and verified extensively in the field samples of shrimps infected with WSSV virus.CIBA immunodot Excellent results could be obtained in shrimp pleopod and haemolymph extracts upto 1:100 dilutions with prominent immunodots indicating presence of WSSV in infected shrimps. The sensitivity performance of CIBA immunodot is equivalent to first step PCR in detecting WSSV particles in infected shrimp tissues. This may be used for initial screening of large number of samples avoiding the use of first step PCR. The trial experiments conducted at CIBA with CIBA immunodot revealed detection of 76 % of the nested PCR positive samples by this technique . We have successfully circumvented the need for use first step PCR by employing a simplifiedCIBA immunodot . Presently, with no effective treatments available for prevention and cure of white spot disease in shrimps, good management practice with biosecurity measures is the only option which can reduce the risk of viral outbreaks in shrimps.

Hence,CIBA immunodot which has been developed as simple diagnostic test helps in taking suitable preventive measures against the disease occurrence by early detection of the virus. The beneficial features of this diagnostic test enables to detect the virus without the requirement of sophisticated equipments or special skills making this technology is cost-effective and easy to apply.

The above technology is ready for transfer for scaling-up and large-scale production. CIBA is looking for entrepreneurs with regard to conjugation of polyclonal antibody with colloidal gold leading to preparation of ready to use immunochromatographic test strips for field level application.

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