Water quality test kit


In aquaculture and related aquatic environment, pH, dissolved oxygen (DO), ammonia, nitrite and phosphates are very important parameters, which are to be monitored regularly in order to maintain optimum water quality in the system. KITS have been developed for detection of these parameters in aquaculture and related aquatic environment. Kit has been tested for variety of samples including freshwater, brackishwater and coastal waters. This kit has tremendous response from the aqua-farmer due to its user’s friendliness. This is useful for aqua-farmers and hatchery operators for regular monitoring of these critical parameters in aquaculture, hatchery waters and related aquatic environment for maintaining optimum water quality in the system.
Benefits / uniqueness
Higher accuracy and sensitivity; less requirement of water samples; increased shelf life of the reagents; cost effectiveness; wider range of detection; user-friendliness and easy to use in the laboratories and fields.

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