Matrix technology

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For the utilization of bacteria in the development of microbial products, bacteria must be immobilized in a matrix or filled with a filler material that can sustain the cell for longer time. The solid matrices used for immobilization of the whole cells or filler materials are mostly expensive synthetic polymers or inorganic materials, which pose disposal problems. A cost effective and environmental friendly matrix and process have been developed from abundantly available agro-waste-baggase for immobilization of bacteria. Matrix has successfully been tested with various bacterial strains under laboratory condition. The matrix developed as a supporting substrate overcomes these problems as it is cost- effective and eco-friendly and is an as an ideal alternative to the expensive solid matrices for the development of bioremediation products,microbial products, probiotics and also as a cheap alternative to expensive filters and chemicals, for imaging bacteria through scanning electron microscope (SEM). Based on the requirement, liquid matrix can also be provided.

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