CIBA Bhetkiahar




‘CIBA Bhetkiahar’ is the formulated pellet feed developed by CIBA for the nursery and grow-out culture of Asian Seabass,Lates calcarifer.CIBA Bhetkiahar is a standard feed containing 45-50% protein designed and developed to meet the dietary requirements of Asian Seabass for optimum growth and good feed efficiency. CIBA Bhetkiahar feed processing technology was standardized and produced at the Pilot-scale feed mill of CIBA at Muttukadu, in different grades to suit the growing stages of Asian seabass in nursery and grow-out systems. The feed was systematically developed through formulation of several feeds using selected indigenous feed ingredients and evaluation of the test feeds in laboratory and yard trials and selecting the best performing formulation. Using the selected formulation the feed was processed into granules and pellets with indigenous feed mill and processing technology. The feeds were extensively tested in the institute facilities and also in selected farmers’ fields in different states such as Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. 

CIBA Bhetkiahar produced excellent growth and survival of fry in nursery and grow-out systems. The fish could be grown to 1kg in 8- 9 months with an impressive FCR of 1.8 to 2.0. Availability of formulated feed has become centrally important for the propagation of culture of Asian seabass. At present there is no feed available in the market in India.Attempts have been made to import or produce feed with overseas technologies.Some of these feeds have been also tested in some farmers’ ponds and the performance of some of them is reported be not very successful. The performance of some of the imported feeds is reported to be similar to that of CIBA Bhetkiahar feed. The cost of these imported feeds is however, is in the range of Rs 80 to 85 per kg with subsidies given for import. BHETKIAHAR3At this cost, the farming of Asian seabass using imported feed is not proving cost effective. Against this background development of indigenous  CIBA Bhetkiahar has come as boon to the farmers for the culture of Asian seabass.  CIBA Bhetkiahar costs Rs 45-50 per kg to farmers when produced and sold on commercial scale. With the performance of indigenous  CIBA Bhetkiahar is excellently well with FCR of 1.8 to 2.0, the large scale farming of Asian seabass using this feed is not only cost effective but also profitable to the farmers. At present  CIBA Bhetkiahar is being demonstrated in nursery and grow-out culture of Asian seabass in farmers’ ponds in Andhra Pradesh, Maharastra and Tamil Nadu under the Project funded by the National Fisheries Development Board of India. The performance of  CIBA Bhetkiahar has been excellent so far and is progressing well. It is believed that CIBA Bhetkiahar will take seabass farming a long way in propagating large scale farming of Asian seabass in India.

The feed technology is now ready for transfer and commercial production

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