Ambasankar.K. Dr
Designation : Principal Scientist & In-charge of Nutrition Group
Discipline : Animal/Fish Nutrition
Division : Nutrition, Genetics and Biotechnology Division
Research areas: : Nutrient Requirements of Brackishwater finfish and shell fish
Feed processing technology
Feed additives for improved growth and FCR
Functional feeds for larvae and Broodstock
Brief profile:

After taking masters in Animal Nutrition in 1995 and entered into the ARS stream and working in CIBA since 1997 on Nutrition and Feed development for Brackishwater Aquaculture. I have obtained Ph.D after serving for four years at CIBA in Animal Nutrition in 2004. I currently work in division of Nutrition Genetics and Biotechnology Division in CIBA. I have worked on shrimp and seabass nutrition. I have contributed to the development of indigenous shrimp feed technology and seabass feed technology and these technologies have been commercialized. I have interests in Larval and Broodstock nutrition and working on feed development for feed for diversified species in Brackishwater aquaculture

Current Research Projects (3 important ones):
NoTitle Funded By
1Newer Feed resources and feed additives for development and improvement of shrimp and fish feedsInstitute
2Outreach Activity on Fish FeedsICAR
3Nutrient Profiling and Evaluation of Fish as a Dietary ComponentICAR
Recognitions (National & international level) :

  • Indigenous shrimp feed technology commercialized and resulted in good impact and visibility to CIBA and ICAR
  • Awarded “ICAR Award for outstanding Interdisciplinary Team Research in Agricultural and allied Sciences” for the year 2011-12 Awarded the young scientist award for the best research paper entitled “Assessment on the presence of toxic minerals and nutritional evaluation of amino acid / fatty acid profile in Sardine meal / oil to induce interventions for value added produce NAIP sponsored international training for 3 months in the area of nutraceuticals was undertaken in the lab of Brett Glencross, Stream Leader, Food future Flagships, CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research Institute, Cleveland Laboratories, Cleveland, Australia.
  • AS a course Director Organized one summer school for 2 days and one National level training under NAIP for 14 days with international expert

Best 5 Publications during the career:
  1. Ali, S